Craig Rosenstein is the best Arizona DUI attorney, bar none. He is one of only a few board-certified DUI Defense attorneys in the entire state. He is knowledgeable, caring, and effective. I have confidently trusted Craig and would highly recommend him and his firm for any criminal matters.

A.J. M.

Great lawyers. They have been helping me with a case for a little bit of time now. Holly, Lesley, and Craig are a wonderful team. I would and have recommended them to friends.

Abigail D.

If you find yourself in a really tough situation these are the folks to call. Arizona has insanely tough DUI laws and I had my first and last taste of it. I interviewed at least 10 law firms and once I spoke to Craig Rosenstein I knew this firm was the one for me. Craig, along with Dave Smith, was outstanding and made a really hard time easier to deal with. They handled everything and I felt like a had a great team in my corner fighting for me. They were able to get really tough charges reduced incredibly significantly. Don't go through a difficult time alone or try to handle this process alone. Hire a great law firm, hire these guys at Rosenstein.

Michelle P.

Jefferson Simmons was my attorney on my felony DUI case and he did and exceptional job. He kept me in the loop The whole time during the different stages of my case. He negotiated a very good deal and I am so grateful for that! I felt totally calm throughout  the process because I knew he was taking care of everything for me!! I will most definitely use him again and  recommend him to my friends and family!! Thanks for everything Jefferson!!

Alyson B.

I couldn't have made a better choice than the Rosenstein law group when I found myself in an unfortunate situation. They were prompt and very informative in response.  I appreciated the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, especially when dealing with such unfavorable issues.  I truly felt that all avenues were addressed and covered with extreme expertise in regards to my case. Dave was especially accommodating to my needs, resulting in a truly successful outcome.  He delivered exactly what was hoped for, therefore protecting my professional license, family and overall state of mind.  I highly recommend this group, if ever found in a similar situation.

Heather S.

Craig, Tyler, and the rest of the team at Rosenstein Law Group are true Arizona law experts. Tyler was professional, persistent, and made me feel as comfortable as possible every step of the way. I am very happy with the outcome of my case and will be using this group any time I need legal advice/help in the future. I would highly recommend their services to anybody needing legal help.

Brandon B.

Craig Rosenstein did an outstanding job representing me in my DUI case. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. His great work resulted in me winning my case. Thank you to Craig and your team! I highly recommend the Rosenstein Law Group to anyone in need of a great lawyer team.

Derek F.

I couldn't thank Rosenstein Law firm enough for their professionalism during this process. They took care of me front start to finish and I literally didn't have to worry about one thing. In the end, the case was thrown out!!! Now I have a second chance at a DUI free life due to the due diligence from the team at Rosenstein Law!!!!

Teela P.

AMAZING! The team at Rosenstein Law Group are all-around spectacular! I worked with the all-stars, Craig Rosenstein and Chris Lyons. They are both very honest and law experts. After our consultation, I met with Chris a few times before my court date. He is remarkably brilliant. It is such a relief to know that you have the best of the best attorneys to defend your rights if you run into any legal problem. Their staff including Mark, James, Tyler, Leslie, and Tiffany were really helpful with answering questions about my case and dates and staying organized with my case throughout all the steps. I really appreciate their team a lot. Thank you!

Sean L.

Wow!!  If you want exceptional legal counsel and representation look no further. From the first phone call, I was impressed with their level of professionalism and ability to handle a situation as complex as mine. Thanks to their guidance I am back on my way to pursuing a life that I wondered if I could even get back to. Thanks especially to Jonathan and Tiffany!  They were so patient and understanding throughout it all.

M. R.

The Rosenstein Law Group is the best. I highly recommend this team of experts if you're facing a tough DUI situation. I've never been in any legal trouble at all and in a matter of one week, I was facing 2 DUI charges. Craig Rosenstein reassured me that he's going to do everything possible to ensure the best outcome. Tyler Allen stepped up and represented me during this tough time. He was extremely professional and driven on achieving the best results given my situation. I couldn't imagine that I'd walk away from this practically unscathed. Trust me when I tell you that this team is all about providing the best results. Thank you Tyler and the Rosenstein Group. You guys are remarkable.

Geo L.

Craig Rosenstein was referred to me by a good friend who also had the misfortune of having a son who was cited for a DUI. Greg and his staff were calming, patient and as professional as they come in explaining what was to come. Our case is over now, and I am extremely happy with both the result and way Greg, Phil, Jessica and the rest of the staff performed their jobs!!

S. D.

This group is great to work with!  Very professional and organized as well as responsive to any questions.  Along the way, I was provided with some very good tips that saved me a lot of time and hassle.  Craig is a great attorney and was able to get me a reduced outcome on my case.  I highly recommend working with them for your needs.  I wouldn't hesitate to call them again!

Joe T.

Even though Mr. Rosenstein did not represent me I am certain that this is the lawyer you want in your side. The only reason I did not retain him was because he was honest with me and did not want to take my money for a conviction that was already handled and determined under another lawyer. He was honest with me and for that, I am very grateful. We have however had many conversations in which he was kind up very honest and to the point. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an excellent legal representative.

Travis B.

There are not enough words to express what gratitude we have for Craig Rosenstein and his office. My husband had been stopped and was charged with a DUI that was not too much over the legal limit.  The first attorney he had spent a year processing paperwork due to a series of events that had happened with the arresting officer.  That first attorney gave my husband no hope and advised that he just take jail time and pay the fines.  With less than two weeks before we were to go to trial, a friend said that we should first talk with Craig.  After one 10 minute phone call and a trip to his office, Craig took over our case.  Within less than 24 hours, the prosecutor had reduced to a lesser charge.   At the courthouse, Craig even argued that due to the time that had passed, there should be no jail time and the judge agreed.  It took Craig a week to do away with what my husband had been struggling with for over a year.  What is even more amazing is that he is a kind, caring human being. He is able to obtain amazing results for his clients and still keep heart and compassion in his business.  Don't even consider another attorney if you are facing a DUI situation!

Collette M.

Craig and his team are the very best!!! I very much recommend him. He is very knowledgeable in the arena that he works in. He achieves a very high level of respect from his peers and does get great results.

Tom H.

Searching for the best place to [be] represented, I stumbled on this team of intelligent, hard-working, determined begins. They fought for me as if they were fighting for themselves. They came up with different plans on how to work the case and get the best possible outcome. Dave Smith interprets the law like no other, he understands the in and outs of the legal system as if the back of his hand. Just want to say thank you to This team for being the best!

Ilja G.

Mark Beller at The Rosenstein Law Group was the best attorney for a charge of Super Extreme DUI. Mark knew the challenges involved, the "system" and its players, and was very informative at every step of the process. He negotiated a reduced charge to first time DUI. I could not have asked for a more efficient or effective advocate. I would highly recommend Mark Beller and the Rosenstein Law Group. Mark, I am your fan and thank you for all your efforts on my behalf.

Karen K.

I hired Craig Rosenstein and Mark Beller as my attorney to assist me with an excessive criminal speeding ticket I received on the 101 freeway. 92 in a 65. I had originally tried to do this all on my own but I quickly found out that was impossible. When things were not going my way I decided to hire an attorney. I did not know who to use but I found Mark and Craig and immediately felt comfortable with them. That was the best decision I could make. Mark was very helpful and professional. He is very experienced and had some great ideas and options on how to fight this violation. He kept me at ease throughout the whole experience. I am happy to say that Mark won my case. I was able to get traffic school granted by the judge. So once I complete the school, the ticket will be removed from my record. Thank you, Mark. This would have been a devastating charge on my record forever and it would have had a horrible impact on my career. I would definitely recommend Mark Beller and Craig Rosenstein!


Attorney Dave Smith with the Rosenstein Law Group proved to be an invaluable asset to my case in court. Not only was he exceptionally prepared and articulate, but he also made sure my views were understood by the jury. After his representation and guidance, not guilty was the only logical outcome.

Clark C.

Had a great conversation with Craig about referrals. He was on time, professional, informative. I am excited to send my clients to Rosenstein Law about DUI, drug charges, or set asides. Now my clients have the ability to get their rights back.

Jeannine M.

This group is great to work with!  Very professional and organized as well as responsive to any questions.  Along the way, I was provided with some very good tips that saved me a lot of time and hassle.  Craig is a great attorney and was able to get me a reduced outcome on my case.  I highly recommend working with them for your needs.  I wouldn't hesitate to call them again!

Joe T.

Mark Beller is the most qualified and caring attorney I've ever worked with. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was not charged with anything. He knows many key people within the legal process and made sure that I was treated more than fairly. I highly recommend this law firm.

Ryan F.

Rosenstein Law Group is Amazing! Attorney Beller did an amazing job helping our family through a very complicated legal situation. Mr. Beller is a true professional. He understands his clients' needs, is knowledgeable in his field, and is supportive throughout the process. We are extremely appreciative of his legal guidance and would highly recommend his services! Thank you, Attorney Beller, for your guidance and assistance during our challenging legal predicament. We appreciate you!!!

Jeannine M.

Was looking at 5-7 years in prison. Yes, I messed up. Thankfully, Every angle was looked at and I ended up with a reasonable 10-month sentence. The team at Rosenstein wouldn't back down. They talked me through the whole process and answered all my questions and concerns. They wouldn't let the Maricopa County DA office give me a bad deal. They pushed back hard on every issue! Thankfully, I'm out now and got my life back with minimal disruption.  I hope no one finds themselves needing these types of services. However, if you do, This group will help you navigate the process.

J. S.

Had a great conversation with Craig about referrals. He was on time, professional, informative. I am excited to send my clients to Rosenstein Law about DUI, drug charges, or set asides. Now my clients have the ability to get their rights back.

Jayson H.

I would recommend Rosenstein Law Group to my family and anyone else. They are knowledgeable, communicate well, and respectful. After speaking with Craig and his team about the situation we were relieved to have someone with his experience and expertise on our side. Throughout the whole process, they kept us informed on what was going on and what our options were. Rosenstein Law Group exceeded our expectations with an outcome that was better than we expected.

M. PC.

The Rosenstein Team did an awesome job with my case. They were patient and had all of my legal issues addressed and completed in record time. I highly recommend the Rosenstein Law Group!

Karli B.

Dave Smith from this firm represented me in a Reckless Driving case in which the prosecution was so sure of a conviction that they wouldn't even discuss a deal. Dave was completely open about the risks of fighting this case and the low chance of a full acquittal. During the case, he ran circles around the prosecution and the reckless driving was completely dismissed. All said and done I spent less than half an hour in their office and they handled everything superbly.

W. W.

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