Removing Your Mugshot from the Internet

My Mugshot Shows Up When You Search My Name

For many, it is a shock when they realize their mugshot and criminal justice information is the first thing that appears when their name is searched on the internet. Usually, it is not the person affected that sees the mugshot for the first time. It is a potential employer, family, friends, neighbors or a young child, innocent to the fact that their parents—who they perceive as perfect—are actually real people that make mistakes. This is a reality for many Americans and has become rampant. For some, they have never been convicted of a crime. For others, a long period of time has passed, and they have become productive contributing members of society, yet they are kept from seeking true redemption by greedy mugshot website companies exploiting their past for profit from ad revenues and/or extortion.

Arizona Law on Mugshot Website Operators

Arizona law now forces mugshot website operators to pay you for publishing your mugshot.

On April 1, 2019, Arizona House Bill 2191 was signed by Governor Doug Ducey. On August 27, 2019, HB2191 became effective law. The new law defines mugshot website companies as “mugshot website operators” and outlaws their operation for commercial purposes. The law has a subsection that establishes a relationship between out of state mugshot companies and the Arizona citizens they are exploiting. The law also prescribes hefty damages. Mugshot website operators are liable for damages—to be paid to you—for each separate violation in an amount of at least:

  • $100 per day during the first thirty days of the violation
  • $200 per day during the subsequent thirty days of the violation, and
  • $500 per day for each day thereafter.

Why Choose AZ Defenders?

  • Our team of Phoenix criminal defense lawyers literally wrote this law. We wrote the law to protect Arizonans and are best suited to take on these extortionist companies.
  • The attorneys at AZ Defenders are both compassionate and aggressive. Once we are on your side, we relentlessly defend you until the end.
  • Our law firm is well established, and our Phoenix lawyers are respected members of the Arizona legal community.

What Should I do if I Find My Mugshot Illegally Posted Online?

The first step to having an illegally posted mugshot removed is to contact an experienced attorney. These companies should be paying you the damages that you are entitled to and we can help you.

Because this law is new, you want to find an attorney who is experienced with mugshot removal and especially this law in particular. Why hire us to assist you enforcing your rights against these predatory mugshot website operators? Because we literally wrote this new law. Do not hesitate. Contact AZ Defenders or call (480) 456-6400 right away to schedule a free consultation.

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