Phoenix Business & Commercial Fraud Crimes

Business and commercial fraud crimes are often referred to as white collar crimes. However, they are serious charges.  A conviction can lead to heavy fines and a lengthy prison sentence. Our Phoenix business and commercial fraud lawyers have decades of combined experience successfully defending clients accused of white-collar crimes. If you have been charged with a business and commercial fraud crime, call AZ Defenders for a free evaluation of your case.

How AZ Defenders Approaches White Collar Cases

  • Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyers are established and esteemed members of the legal community. We have extensive experience negotiating with state prosecutors to get our clients the most favorable outcomes possible.
  • Our firm offers dedicated, white-glove service to our clients. We handle all aspects of your case so that you can focus on your life and continuing to provide support to your family.
  • We have more than 20 years of combined legal experience in the Phoenix criminal justice arena and aggressively fight for our clients’ rights in the courtroom.

Why You Need a Phoenix Business & Commercial Fraud Lawyer

Accusations of business and commercial fraud crimes could tarnish your professional reputation, strain or sever business and personal relationships, and in the end, destroy your career. The repercussions of such a charge are devastating, especially if you have worked hard to grow a business, advance in your field, and have a family to support.

Business and commercial fraud is a complex area of law and these crimes are often difficult to prosecute, for a variety of reasons. That does not stop prosecutors from investigating and attempting to achieve a conviction. The Phoenix business fraud lawyers at AZ Defenders have significant experience in the criminal justice system and will identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to craft a powerful, compelling defense to present at trial.

What is Fraud?

Fraud is an intentional deception to for gain in money, goods, or services, resulting in injury to another or others. In general, the basic elements that must be individually proven in order to successfully convict someone of fraud are:

  • Misrepresentation of material facts or omission of material facts
  • The person(s) supplying the facts knows them to be false or omitted
  • The person(s) relying on the facts reasonably believes them to be true
  • Injury or loss occurs as a result

Types of Business & Commercial Fraud Crimes

Business and Commercial Fraud Crimes (Per Arizona Revised Statute § 13-2202 through 13-2208) in Arizona have serious consequences. If convicted, you could face lengthy probation, large fines, jail or depending on the type of charge and person’s criminal history, even prison. AZ Defenders has over 100 years of experience between lawyers and staff. We have extensive experience successfully defending hundreds of people accused of various identity, business, and commercial fraud crimes.

Depending on the crime and the person’s prior criminal history, convictions could result in several months to several years of imprisonment. Arizona law prohibits the following business-related criminal activities:

  • Deceptive business practices
  • False advertising
  • Defrauding secured creditors
  • Defrauding judgment creditors
  • Fraud in insolvency
  • Receiving deposits in an insolvent financial institution
  • Usury

Defenses to Business and Commercial Fraud Charges

The Phoenix business fraud lawyers at AZ Defenders have used many different defenses in clients’ cases to successfully dismiss, reduce the charge, or achieve an acquittal in fraud cases. Possible defenses to criminal fraud include:

  • Insufficient evidence
  • Non-fraudulent statement
  • Entrapment
  • The absence of intent to commit the crime
  • Suppression of evidence due to fourth, fifth, and/or sixth amendment violations by the state, for example, illegal searches, forced confessions, Miranda violations, and right-to-counsel violations.

Speak to a Phoenix Business & Commercial Fraud Attorney Today

Business and commercial fraud charges can result in catastrophic consequences for your professional life, reputation, and business. You need an experienced lawyer on your side that will aggressively fight for your rights, both in and out of the courtroom. If you have been accused of business fraud, contact the Phoenix business and commercial fraud crimes attorneys at AZ Defenders for a free case evaluation.

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