Phoenix Bank Fraud Attorney (U.S.C. §1344)

If you are facing charges for bank fraud in Arizona, you have a lot on the line. A conviction could lead to jail time, expensive fines, and a ruined reputation. You may lose your job and people close to you. At AZ Defenders, we recognize that people make mistakes. We work hard to make sure one bad decision – or false accusation – does not ruin your life. Our Phoenix bank fraud lawyers can help you defend yourself against these criminal charges. Start with a free and confidential consultation with our defense attorneys. Call (480) 456-6400 24/7.

Why Hire AZ Defenders to Defend Your Bank Fraud Charge?

If you are charged with bank or bankruptcy fraud in Phoenix, regardless of its classification, you need the services of an experienced, aggressive, and effective local bank fraud defense attorney on your side. Additionally, under Arizona’s white collar crime statutes, a charge under bank fraud could also lead to a myriad of other related charges. The consequences can be dire and you need someone to help you get the best possible result in your individual case. We have the knowledge, skill, and practice area experience to protect your future and freedom. Our lawyers use proven and aggressive legal strategies for top results. We are highly motivated to achieve positive outcomes based on our genuine desire to help those accused of bank fraud and other money crimes in Arizona.

What is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud is a complex and multifaceted legal issue that continually evolves alongside changes in how people and banks handle money. The US Code §1344 defines bank fraud broadly because there are many types of bank fraud. By making the statute very broad, it can have the side effect of ensnaring many innocent individuals and companies in unnecessary bank fraud cases. In essence, bank fraud occurs when deception, pretense, or false information is used to steal from a bank, financial institution, or a bank’s depositors. Bank fraud can also include credit unions or other financial institutions that are federally insured. Because of how all-encompassing this code is, it’s important to have an experienced attorney to guide you through the nuances of these laws. Some common examples of bank fraud include:

  • Claims relating to the Cares Act – These include Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Impact Payment (EIP) alleged violations
  • Check Fraud – Counterfeiting, checking kiting, forging, or paperhanging checks
  • Cyber Banking Crimes – Phishing, bank impersonation
  • Accounting fraud – providing false information on financial statements
  • Loan Fraud – Securing a loan from a bank even though bankruptcy will be filed directly afterwards

AZ Defenders will tailor your defense strategy on the specific bank fraud case you have alleged committed. Whether you knowingly committed the crime, did not mean to commit a crime or are being falsely accused, a qualified Phoenix white collar crime lawyer at our law firm can help you defend your rights.

Penalties for Bank Fraud

The possible punishments for this charge include possible fines and prison time with the severity of the punishment depending on the specific facts of the alleged crime.  Additionally, bank fraud could lead to felony Forgery, ID Theft, or Fraud Schemes charges. The range of possible punishment for these charges could range from significant fines all the way up to decades in prison.

Possible Defenses to Bank Fraud

In general, to prove a fraud, the government must establish that you made a knowingly false statement, that you intended the recipient to rely on the statement, that the recipient did, in fact, rely on the statement, and that in so doing the recipient suffered a financial loss. Each element in the chain can be a possible defense, for example:

  • Maybe you did not know the statement you made was false but instead believed it was true
  • Maybe the bank knew it was false so did no rely on the false statement
  • Maybe there was no loss

Free Consultation With a Phoenix Bank Fraud Attorney

Discuss your unique defense strategy as someone facing bank fraud charges with our attorneys today. We will provide honest and trustworthy answers to your questions at no charges upfront. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys can give you the legal advice you need in this difficult situation. Contact AZ Defenders online or by calling (480) 456-6400 at any time, day or night to speak with an experienced bank fraud lawyer in Phoenix. We are available 24/7 to speak to new clients.

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