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Domestic violence might be a common accusation in Tempe, Arizona, but that does not mean you should take it lightly as the accused. The penalties for a domestic violence conviction can be severe and life-changing in Arizona. It is important to take any accusation seriously, and to arm yourself with a high-quality defense lawyer right away. If someone has brought domestic violence charges against you, contact a Tempe domestic violence attorney at AZ Defenders as soon as possible. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

Tempe Domestic Violence Lawyer

How Can AZ Defenders Help During a Domestic Violence Case?

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Defining Domestic Violence in Tempe

The legal definition of domestic violence in Arizona gives dozens of qualifying crimes against someone with whom the aggressor has a protected relationship. It may constitute domestic violence to threaten, intimidate, assault, batter, endanger, kidnap, harass, stalk, photograph, offend or even annoy someone if you and that person have a protected relationship under state law. Other crimes could also count as domestic violence, including disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, cruelty to animals, crimes against children and homicide.

Protected Relationships in Arizona

A protected relationship includes, but is not limited to, a spousal relationship, familial relationship and two people living in the same household. You might face a domestic violence charge if you and the alleged victim are married, used to be married, are residing in the same household, have a child in common, are related by blood or court order, or have or used to have a romantic or sexual relationship, and if you committed a qualifying crime.

What Are Potential Penalties for Domestic Violence?

You could face a domestic violence charge alone or in conjunction with another criminal charge. If someone accuses you of multiple domestic violence offenses (at once or over a period of time), you may face an aggravated domestic violence charge. This is a felony crime, even if all the individual charges against you are misdemeanors. The potential penalties for domestic violence in Arizona include probation, jail or prison time, and fines. You could face six months up to several years in jail for a domestic violence conviction in Arizona.

Are There Legal Defenses for Domestic Violence Cases?

The strength of your criminal defense can make all the difference to your future as someone accused of committing domestic violence in Tempe. While each case is unique, a few general defense strategies exist in this practice area. They include lack of intent, wrong defendant (alibi), consent, insufficient evidence, self-defense and defense of others. A qualified Tempe domestic violence attorney can tailor your defense strategy to your particular case.

What is a Protective Order?

Many domestic violence criminal cases involve protective orders. The victim of the alleged offense may request a protective order, or restraining order, prohibiting you from certain actions for a period of time. You may not be able to come near the claimant, contact him or her, or live in the same household after a protective order goes into effect. Protective orders can be temporary or permanent. If you violate the terms of a protective order in Arizona, you could face additional penalties on top of a domestic violence charge. To learn more about protective orders in Arizona, speak with a knowledgeable Tempe domestic violence attorney.

Don’t Hesitate, Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Tempe, AZ

At AZ Defenders, we have all the experience, tools and staff members you need to combat a domestic violence criminal charge in Tempe. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience successfully resolving criminal defense cases for clients throughout Arizona. We may be able to help you argue against a charge and/or reduce the penalties you face. Discuss your domestic violence case in more detail with our Tempe and Phoenix domestic violence attorneys today. Contact us online or call (480) 456-6400 at any time.