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Being accused of child abuse can turn your life upside down. If you are facing this serious criminal charge in Scottsdale, Arizona, you need a reputable and effective criminal defense attorney. The team of attorneys at AZ Defenders can defend and protect your rights using proven legal strategies and aggressive defense tactics. It is critical to seek legal advice and representation as soon as possible if you’ve been arrested or accused of child abuse. Call (480) 568-4473 to request a free case consultation with one of our attorneys today.

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Why Hire Our Child Abuse Lawyer?
What Are Arizona’s Child Abuse Laws?
The Aftermath of Child Abuse Charges in Scottsdale
Potential Penalties for a Child Abuse Conviction
Possible Defenses to Child Abuse Charges
Statute of Limitations for Child Abuse Cases in Scottsdale
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Why Hire Our Scottsdale Child Abuse Lawyer for Your Case?

  • We have successfully represented many clients accused of child abuse in Arizona. Our criminal defense lawyers have a proven track record of securing positive case outcomes for clients.
  • Our lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience in Scottsdale criminal defense law. We understand how child abuse criminal cases work across the state of Arizona.
  • You will benefit from the undivided attention and personalized legal services of your attorney. We will work relentlessly to achieve the best possible result for your child abuse case.

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What Are Arizona’s Child Abuse Laws?

Child abuse is a major crime in Arizona. It is defined in Arizona Revised Statute Section 8-201(2) as inflicting or allowing a physical injury, impairment of a bodily function or disfigurement to be inflicted against a child. It is also defined as someone who has the care, custody and control of a child causing or allowing another person to cause serious emotional damage to the child, as evidenced by a diagnosable condition such as anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior or withdrawal.

Child abuse can refer to many different acts and behaviors toward a child that inflict bodily injury or emotional harm. This can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental or emotional abuse, sexual abuse or exploitation, child pornography, incest, abandonment, unreasonable confinement, and neglect. Failing to report knowledge of child abuse as a mandated reporter – such as a teacher or doctor – is also a chargeable crime in Scottsdale.

The Aftermath of Child Abuse Charges in Scottsdale

Being accused of child abuse is something that you need to take seriously. This accusation can have a domino effect on many other aspects of your life, from custody of your children to your career and freedom. Here’s what to expect in the aftermath of a child abuse charge in Scottsdale:

  • A special child abuse investigative team from Child Protective Services will assess the situation.
  • Investigators may conduct interviews with the person who reported the crime.
  • There may also be interviews with the child (with or without the parent’s permission).
  • You may potentially lose custody of the child involved. 
  • Protective orders (restraining orders) may be brought against you.
  • You could face an official arrest and spend time in jail while you await trial.

If you are convicted of child abuse in Arizona, the sentence you face could have a major impact on your life. A felony child abuse conviction, for example, could lead to years in jail or prison, the loss of your job, and the loss of certain constitutional rights.

What Are Some Potential Penalties for a Child Abuse Conviction?

According to Section 13-3623 of Arizona law, any person who causes a child to suffer physical injury under circumstances likely to produce death or serious bodily injury is guilty of child abuse. The same is true if someone who has the care or custody of a child permits the health of the child to be injured or endangered. The law classifies these crimes in the following ways:

  • Class 4 felony if done with criminal negligence.
  • Class 3 felony if done recklessly.
  • Class 2 felony if done intentionally or knowingly and the victim is under the age of 15.

Under circumstances other than those likely to cause serious physical injury or death to a child, any person who causes injury or abuse to a child could be guilty of an offense as follows: 

  • Class 6 felony if done with criminal negligence.
  • Class 5 felony if done recklessly.
  • Class 4 felony if done intentionally or knowingly.

The potential penalties faced by someone convicted of child abuse in Scottsdale may include the loss of parental rights, time in a state prison for up to 12.5 years, a fine of up to $150,000 and up to 7 years of probation. If there are aggravating circumstances or you have prior felony convictions on your record, you could face increased penalties.

Possible Defenses to Child Abuse Charges in Scottsdale 

Fighting child abuse charges in Scottsdale takes a strong defense. The goal is to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s case against you, as establishing reasonable doubt will typically lead to acquittal. Your lawyer can take many steps to try to have the case against you dismissed or your charges reduced. Many potential defenses to child abuse allegations exist in Arizona, including:

  • False accusation, such as by a spouse during a custody case
  • No crime committed (insufficient evidence of a crime)
  • Alleged “abuse injuries” are from an accident
  • The discipline of the child was within your reasonable rights as a parent
  • Unlawful search and seizure or police misconduct

Your future is at risk as someone who has been arrested for child abuse in Scottsdale. Hiring an experienced attorney is the best way to protect yourself. Your lawyer can hire expert witnesses, poke holes in the prosecutor’s case against you, exploit legal issues involved in your arrest or the collection of evidence, and boost your chances of a positive case outcome.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Child Abuse Cases in Scottsdale?

A law known as the statute of limitations imposes a time limit on a prosecutor’s ability to bring child abuse charges against an individual. If the statute of limitations expires, charges can no longer be brought. In Arizona, the statute of limitations on a class 2 through 6 felony is seven years from the date of the alleged crime. For a misdemeanor, the statute of limitations is one year. For petty offenses, it’s six months. Note, however, that violent crimes in Arizona typically have longer statutes of limitations, and some crimes – including murder – have no statute of limitations.

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