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It is critical to contact a Mesa homicide defense attorney immediately if you are facing homicide charges in Arizona. Homicide is a felony crime in the state of Arizona that can lead to severe penalties, including life in prison or even the death sentence. The homicide lawyers at AZ Defenders can protect your rights immediately and will do everything possible to keep you out of jail. We will build a strong defense strategy on your behalf according to the facts of your specific case. Call (480) 456-6400 now for a free, 100% confidential consultation.

How Can AZ Defenders Handle a Homicide Case?

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Exploring Homicide Legislation in Mesa

Homicide law describes a broad category of offenses the prosecution can charge for wrongfully causing the death of another human being. The type and degree of homicide will depend on the circumstances of the alleged crime committed. If the prosecution believes you unintentionally caused someone’s death through extremely reckless behavior, you may face a manslaughter charge. For a premeditated murder, you would face a first-degree murder charge instead.

First-degree murder requires proof that the defendant acted in an intentional and premeditated manner. Second-degree murder does not require proof of premeditation; however, it does require proof that the defendant acted intentionally and dispassionately to cause the death of another person. The difference between first-degree and second-degree murder is important, as it can decide what defense strategies are available. The other type of homicide is negligent homicide, or a death caused by a negligent or careless act. If you are facing any type of charge under the umbrella of homicide law in Arizona, contact a qualified Mesa homicide attorney at AZ Defenders right away.

What Are Potential Penalties for Homicide?

The penalties for a homicide conviction will depend on the type of charge. The penalty for negligent homicide is generally not as severe as manslaughter. Manslaughter is punishable in Arizona with 7 to 12 years in prison. It is a class 2 felony. Second-degree murder is a class 1 felony. It is also punishable with prison time but is not eligible for the death penalty. First-degree murder is a class 1 felony that is punishable by the death sentence. You could also face life in prison for a first-degree murder conviction.

Are There Applicable Defenses for a Mesa Homicide?

A homicide defense attorney in Mesa can provide a comprehensive overview of your case. Then, he or she can tailor a defense strategy based on the circumstances. It may be possible to reduce a second-degree murder charge, for example, to negligent homicide or manslaughter. A lawyer can give you the best possible defense for your case.

  • Actual innocence, alibi or mistaken identity
  • Self-defense, defense of others or justifiable killing
  • Crime prevention
  • Diminished mental capacity, impairment or insanity
  • Mistake of fact
  • Killing in the name of duty
  • Murder in the heat of passion
  • Entrapment

The defense strategy that is suitable for you will depend on the circumstances, such as the evidence the prosecution has against you and your criminal history. Your Mesa homicide lawyer may recommend a defense that involves petitioning the courts to dismiss the charges against you, pleading not guilty, or pleading guilty to a reduced charge and taking a plea deal. Discuss the right defense strategy for you with your lawyer in more detail.

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