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Domestic violence is a serious criminal accusation that can come with life-changing consequences for a defendant. If your spouse or someone else has accused you of any act of domestic violence, contact a Mesa domestic violence attorney right away. At AZ Defenders, our domestic violence lawyers offer free initial consultations to potential clients. Call (480) 456-6400 or contact us online 24/7 if you need legal advice.

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Why Trust AZ Defenders With Your Domestic Violence Case?

  • We offer free consultations and are available to take your call around the clock. Our Mesa criminal defense attorneys are here for you when you need us the most.
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What Constitutes Domestic Violence in Arizona?

Arizona Revised Statute 13-3601 defines domestic violence as any act that constitutes a dangerous crime against children or a violent crime between two parties that live in the same household. Any act of violence may qualify as domestic violence within certain relationships between the two parties.

  • The victim and perpetrator are or were previously married
  • The victim and perpetrator reside or used to reside in the same household
  • The victim and perpetrator have a child in common, including a current pregnancy
  • The victim and perpetrator are related by blood or by court order, such as a parent, child, brother or sister
  • The victim is a child who lives or used to live in the same household as the perpetrator and is blood-related to the perpetrator’s former spouse or roommate
  • The victim and perpetrator are involved or were previously involved in a romantic or sexual relationship

Domestic violence can refer to verbal abuse, emotional or mental abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or economic abuse. It can refer to threats, intimidation, stalking, cyberstalking or internet crimes between two people in a relationship or members of a household. If you are not sure whether your actions meet Arizona’s definition of domestic violence, ask an experienced Mesa domestic violence attorney.

Protective Orders in Arizona

If someone obtains a protective order against you, you must legally obey the terms of the order. Different types of protective orders have different requirements. An Order of Protection provides protection from someone you live with, while an Injunction Against Harassment can protect against someone you do not live with. In a domestic violence case, a protective order restrains a person from committing further acts of violence or harassment. The order may force you to leave the house, stay away from the victim and the victim’s family, and cease all communication with the victim.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Under state law, the penalties for a domestic violence conviction will match the underlying offense. For example, if the courts convict you of aggravated assault for causing a serious personal injury, you will face charges for a class 3 felony. The penalties for this type of felony include jail time, probation and fines. If your case has aggravating factors, such as a victim who is pregnant or under the age of 15, expect more severe penalties. Learn more about the penalties for domestic violence in Arizona by speaking with a qualified domestic violence lawyer in Mesa, AZ.

Defenses to Domestic Violence

Your future as the defendant of a domestic violence case in Mesa can depend on the strength of your defense. Working with a Mesa domestic violence attorney from AZ Defenders can improve your chances of a successful case. We can use proven defense strategies in your favor, such as no crime committed, consent, false accusation, lack of evidence, wrong defendant and self-defense. The right strategy will depend on your unique case.

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