Mesa Drug Possession Attorney

Arizona is one of the strictest states in the country when it comes to prosecuting drug crimes. It is illegal in Arizona to knowingly possess illicit drugs. A drug crime conviction could have serious penalties. If you are facing drug possession charges, contact a skilled Mesa drug possession attorney at AZ Defenders right away for a free consultation. We can assist you through the intimidating criminal justice process, protecting your rights every step of the way.

Why Choose AZ Defenders For a Drug Possession Case?

  • Our drug possession defense attorneys will fight aggressively for your rights during pretrial negotiations as well as in the courtroom. We do not settle for guilty pleas.
  • Our law firm has more than 20 years of combined experience successfully defending criminal defense clients. We have an excellent reputation in the legal community.
  • Our Mesa criminal defense lawyers answer calls from potential clients 24/7. We know how stressful and frustrating the criminal process can be. We are here for our clients.

What Are Mesa’s Specifications on Dangerous Drugs?

Arizona law defines a dangerous drug as any type of drug that is not marijuana. These are the drugs that the Arizona government has classified as dangerous. They include methamphetamine, other types of amphetamines, hallucinogenic drugs, acid, cocaine, heroin, and certain prescription medications. Being found in possession of a dangerous drug can lead to serious criminal charges. It is against the law to use or possess any of these drugs in the state of Arizona. For more information about what constitutes a dangerous drug under Arizona law, speak with a knowledgeable Mesa drug possession attorney.

Possible Penalties for Drug Possession in Mesa

The penalties for a drug possession conviction depend on the type and classification of the charge. The consequences in Arizona also vary according to the type of drug. If found in possession of less than two pounds of marijuana, it is a class 6 felony that may be reduced to a misdemeanor. The charges can increase to a class 4 felony if there is evidence of marijuana possession for sale, such as a large quantity.

The penalties for drug possession increase for dangerous drugs. Possession of an illegal narcotic is classified as a class 4 felony. Without a previous conviction, it may get reduced to a class 1 misdemeanor. The fine for possession of a dangerous substance is $2,000 or three times the value of the substance, whichever is greater. You could also face up to 1 year in jail with no prior criminal convictions, up to 3.75 years with one prior conviction or up to 15 years with two prior convictions.

What Are Some Legal Defenses to Drug Possession?

Although Arizona’s laws against drug possession are clear, there are ways to defend yourself against this type of criminal charge. A Mesa drug possession lawyer can review your case and create a customized defense strategy to protect your rights. The defenses available will depend on your personal criminal history as well as the facts of the case.

  • Valid prescription for a medication
  • Medical marijuana
  • The drugs were not yours
  • You did not know the drugs were in your home or vehicle
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • Coercion, duress or entrapment
  • Religious use

The right defense strategy could lead to reduced criminal charges, a dismissal of the charges against you or an acquittal. At AZ Defenders, we do not settle for plea deals if we believe a different defense strategy will benefit our clients more. Our experienced drug possession defense attorneys in Mesa will use an aggressive defense to protect your rights and your future during this difficult time.

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If you have been arrested for alleged drug possession or have reason to believe someone is accusing you of this crime, do not hesitate to contact AZ Defenders. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner our Mesa and Phoenix drug possession attorneys can start protecting your rights. This is a serious type of criminal charge that could impact you for life. We can help you create the strongest possible defense strategy. Contact us online or call (480) 456-6400 24/7 for a free and confidential consultation today.