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At AZ Defenders, our Chandler homicide attorneys know exactly how to fight the most serious criminal charges: murder, manslaughter, and homicide. Our lawyers are devoted to their clients and work hard to achieve the best possible results for each case. Hiring the right homicide defense attorney can result in dropped charges, case dismissal, a hung jury, or a not-guilty verdict. Speak to our lawyers about your case today.

Chandler Homicide Lawyer

Our Law Firm’s Approach to Homicide Cases

  • Not every Chandler criminal defense lawyer is equipped to handle homicide cases. At AZ Defenders, we have attorneys with years of experience defending clients against murder, negligent homicide and manslaughter charges.
  • We are proud of our excellent reputation in Chandler and throughout Arizona. Our defense attorneys have spent years working hard for clients, getting to know judges and prosecutors, and achieving positive results for clients.
  • We are aggressive trial attorneys who are always prepared to go to court. We will stand by you during a homicide trial in Maricopa County to make sure your side of the story is heard.

What Are Arizona’s Laws Regarding Homicide?

Homicide law deals with the crime of taking a person’s life. Homicide is an umbrella term that refers to murder with the intent to kill, negligent or reckless murder (manslaughter), or a lawful killing. To convict someone of a homicide crime in Arizona, the prosecutor must provide clear and convincing evidence of specific elements. These elements will change according to the exact crime charged. A murder charge, for example, requires three key elements:

  1. A victim died.
  2. The defendant’s actions killed the victim.
  3. The defendant had the intent to kill or to inflict very serious bodily harm on the victim.

The elements of proof will be different in a manslaughter case. Manslaughter does not require proof of intent to kill; instead, it is enough to prove the defendant unlawfully killed the victim through an unintentional act, such as criminal negligence or recklessness. It is important to understand the differences between murder and manslaughter, as they come with different burdens of proof and penalties in Arizona. To learn more, speak with a knowledgeable Chandler homicide lawyer.

What Penalties Can You Face if Charged With Homicide?

Homicide is one of the most serious crimes. As such, it carries heavy penalties, including the potential for life in prison or the death penalty. Whether your charge is for negligent homicide, vehicular homicide, manslaughter, first-degree murder, or second-degree murder, you could face serious consequences. Common sentences include years in jail or prison, life in prison with or without the possibility of parole, and capital punishment. Arizona charges all homicide crimes as felonies.

Exploring Potential Legal Defenses

It is possible to overcome a homicide charge. While a positive outcome is never a guarantee, a homicide attorney in Chandler, AZ will do everything possible to dismiss or reduce the charges against you or fight for a win at trial on your behalf. Your lawyer can do this using smart and proven legal strategies.

First, your attorney can attack the prosecutor’s case. It is the prosecutor’s duty to prove a defendant guilty of homicide beyond a reasonable doubt. A lawyer can show that the prosecutor has failed to meet this burden of proof due to insufficient evidence.

Your homicide defense lawyer may also be able to argue that the prosecutor has the wrong defendant. If the prosecutor does not have enough evidence against you, this could be a sign that law enforcement has the wrong person. Your attorney can present defense testimony, experts, investigators and evidence to support this argument.

Other defenses may include self-defense, defense of others or of property, mental incapacity, impairment, and killing in the heat of passion. These are just a few examples of defenses your lawyer could use to protect you from a homicide conviction.

Consult With a Chandler Homicide Attorney if You’re Facing Charges

If you need to speak to a homicide defense attorney immediately about charges being brought against you or a loved one, contact AZ Defenders to request a free and confidential consultation. Our Chandler and Phoenix criminal defense attorneys can craft an effective and aggressive defense strategy on your behalf. Call our law firm at (480) 456-6400 24/7 to consult with a lawyer today.