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While a conviction for any type of crime can change your life in a big way, a sex crime can be especially damaging. No other type of crime injures a person’s reputation as significantly as a sex crime so speak with a qualified Chandler sex crimes attorney as soon as possible following charges.

At AZ Defenders, we know how frightening it can be to face allegations for a sex crime. Our sex crimes lawyers are committed to defending the accused and getting to the bottom of each case. Find out how we can help you. Call (480) 456-6400 24/7 for a free, confidential consultation.

Chandler Sex Crimes Lawyer

Why Trust AZ Defenders With Your Sex Crimes Charge?

  • Your sex crimes defense lawyer from AZ Defenders will do everything in his or her power to secure a positive outcome on your behalf.
  • We will aggressively attack every weakness in the prosecutor’s arguments, strengthening your defense strategy.
  • Our attorneys have years of experience defending clients from sex crime allegations in Chandler and throughout Arizona.

When to Contact a Chandler Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Chandler, you need to contact a defense attorney right away. A lawyer can protect you from the very beginning – immediately after your arrest. Your lawyer can be present with you during interrogations with a police officer, for example, to advise you on what to say and what not to say. This can help prevent self-incrimination, accidental admissions and coerced confessions. Waiting too long to consult a lawyer, on the other hand, could help the prosecutors build a sex crimes case against you. 

Your lawyer can attend the arraignment hearing (the first hearing) with you and counsel you on how to plead: guilty, not guilty or no contest. This can determine the rest of your legal process. Your attorney can help you take an aggressive stance in your defense early on to optimize the chances of achieving a positive case outcome. If it is not possible to have the charges against you dismissed, your lawyer will customize the best possible legal strategy moving forward. This may be a plea deal for reduced penalties or pleading not guilty and arguing your case in court.

Types of Sex Crimes

A sex crime describes any nonconsensual, forced or coerced sexual activity with another person. It can also refer to consensual sexual acts between an adult and a minor or two people in a protected relationship, such as a therapist and client. Arizona law lists many different types of sex crimes.

  • Child molestation: Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) §13-1410. Knowingly engaging in or causing a child under the age of 15 to engage in sexual contact.
  • Child pornography: ARS §13-3553. The sexual exploitation of a minor under the age of 18 through visual depictions of said minor engaging in sexual conduct.
  • Indecent exposure: ARS §13-1402. Exposing one’s genitals, anus or the breasts of a female in the presence of someone who would reasonably be offended.
  • Prostitution crimes: Phoenix Municipal Code 23-25. Phoenix’s crime against soliciting, offering, agreeing to or committing an act of prostitution.
  • Sexual abuse: ARS §13-1404. Knowingly engaging in any type of sexual activity with a person who is 15 or older without that person’s consent (or under 15 if touching the female breast).
  • Sexual assault (rape): ARS §13-1406 and violent sexual assault: ARS §13-1423. Intentionally engaging in sexual acts without a person’s consent. Violent sexual assault is this offense using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.
  • Sexual misconduct: ARS §13-1418. Knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse with a client as a licensed health professional.
  • Statutory rape: ARS §13-1405. Engaging in sexual intercourse with a person knowing he or she is a minor under the age of 18.

If you are facing any type of sex crime allegation, protect yourself immediately by speaking to a Chandler criminal defense attorney. You have a lot on the line as a sex crime defendant in Chandler, AZ.

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Arizona

Arizona penalizes sex crimes intensely. The penalties for a criminal conviction can vary widely according to the type and severity of the crime allegedly committed. If convicted of a sex crime in Arizona, you could face consequences such as imprisonment for months, years or life; a prison sentence without the chance of parole; expensive fines; mandatory treatment; and lifelong registry on the Sex Offender List.

Being put on the Sex Offender List in Arizona means your name will be on a publicly available list for the rest of your life. If you are put on the list as a Level 3 sex offender (the most severe type), the community where you live will also be notified. If you move, you will be legally required to notify the local police department where you will be moving. Being on the list can affect where you can live, your reputation, personal relationships and job opportunities.

One example of a potential penalty is up to 15 years imprisonment for a first-offense federal child pornography charge. This is the punishment under the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996. Under this law, anyone who knowingly receives or distributes child pornography via the internet or other means faces 15 years in prison as a first-time offender. The state of Arizona also has some of the toughest sex offense sentencing laws in the country; for example, the presumptive term for sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 15 is 20 years in prison.

Defenses to Sex Crimes 

It is possible to defend against sex crime charges in Arizona. An attorney will carefully analyze your case to identify the best defense tactics for your situation. Your lawyer will use information such as the evidence the prosecution has against you, your criminal history and the circumstances of the accusation to protect you as much as possible

Examples of possible defenses include:

  • Actual innocence: the prosecutor has failed to prove that you committed the crime you are being accused of beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Motivation for false allegations: there is a reason why the alleged victim would falsely accuse you, such as revenge or blackmail.
  • Mistake of age: if the victim was 15, 16 or 17 at the time of the alleged offense, your lawyer may claim that you had no reason to know the victim was underage.
  • Wrong defendant: the police arrested the wrong person due to mistaken identity. This may be supported by an alibi.
  • Consent: proof that you had the alleged victim’s consent to perform the sexual act involved in your case.
  • Police misconduct: motions to have the case dismissed or evidence thrown out due to police misconduct, such as infringements on your civil rights.
  • Mental incapacity or insanity: an affirmative defense that could lead to you being found “guilty except insane” if you had a mental illness or disease that prevented you from knowing the criminal act was wrong.

Do not lose hope as someone accused of a sex crime in Chandler, Arizona. The right Chandler sex crimes attorney can protect your rights and save you from the most severe penalties for the charges you face. Your lawyer can customize an aggressive and creative legal strategy according to the specifics of your case for the best possible outcome. The severity of a potential criminal sentence if you are convicted of a sexual offense in Arizona makes it critical to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer will use smart legal strategies to minimize the penalties that you face as much as possible.

What to Do if You Get Accused of a Sex Crime in Chandler

If you get accused of or arrested for an alleged sex crime in Chandler, there are steps that you need to take right away to protect yourself. Do not admit to having committed the crime. Use your right to remain silent and do not answer any questions about the incident until you have a defense attorney present. Do not attempt to speak to or contact the alleged victim. 

After your arrest and booking, you will be given one phone call. Know that the police can listen in on this phone call unless it is to a defense lawyer. Use your call to either tell a family member to contact an attorney for you or to call AZ Defenders directly at (480) 908-9321. We can attend interrogations with you and help you with your case from there.

What to Expect During a Sex Crimes Case in Chandler

After you are arrested for an alleged sex crime, formal charges must be filed against you within 48 hours. The police cannot hold you longer than this without you being charged. If charges for a sex crime are filed, your attorney may attempt to negotiate a plea bargain, depending on the facts of your case. A plea bargain will prevent the case from going to trial and may result in a reduced penalty and lighter sentence. Otherwise, you will plead not guilty and your case will go to trial (after preliminary hearings). 

A criminal trial will begin with both sides of the case giving opening statements. Then, the prosecution and defense will have the chance to present evidence and witnesses to argue each side of the case. The prosecution has the burden of proof to establish that you committed the crime being alleged beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defense lawyer will work to show a jury that the prosecutor has not met the burden of proof.

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What Is the Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in Arizona?

Different states have different statutes of limitations on criminal cases, or legal deadlines for bringing official charges against a suspect. In Arizona, the government has seven years from the time that they identify a suspect to press charges. However, the police can identify a suspect at any time, with no statute of limitations. There are no statutes of limitations on violent sexual assault charges, including assault involving a child under 15 and rape.

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney From AZ Defenders

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Chandler, you need to consult with one of our experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. Do not wait to be arrested; contact us right away so that we can help you from the earliest stages of your case. An attorney from AZ Defenders can benefit you by: 

  • Investigating the case to collect important factual information.
  • Offering advice that protects you from law enforcement contact.
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor assigned to your case for you.
  • Arranging for risk assessment or psychological testing with experts, if necessary.
  • Appearing with you at hearings if your case is taken before the court.
  • Aggressively defending your rights with a personalized defense strategy.
  • Representing you at all times, in and out of court.

You do not have to face charges as serious as an alleged sex crime alone. Hiring one of our attorneys from the very beginning of your case is the best way to protect your rights and deal with a potentially life-changing charge. Our lawyers will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have what you need during this difficult time. We are aggressive and dedicated sex crime defense attorneys.

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