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Getting charged with possessing or distributing drugs is a serious offense. Law enforcement and prosecutors take these cases very seriously. If you or a loved one are facing drug charges, contact AZ Defenders immediately. Our qualified and experienced Chandler drug possession attorneys are going to handle all aspects of your case. You do not have to go through this alone.

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Drug possession and sales charges in Chandler can become complex, but the team at AZ Defenders is ready to get to work on your behalf.

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Drug Possession Lawyer Chandler

Drug Laws For Chandler, Arizona

While there is a difference between drug possession charges and drug distribution/sale charges, the difference will typically revolve around certain “threshold amounts” as defined under Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-3401(36). The list here describes the amount of each type of drug a person that person must have in their possession to be charged with the intention to sell:

  • Marijuana – two pounds
  • Heroin – one gram
  • Cocaine – nine grams
  • Crack – 750 milligrams
  • PCP – four grams or 50 milliliters (liquid)
  • Methamphetamine/Amphetamine – nine grams
  • LSD – 50 dosage units (blotter form) or one-half milliliter (liquid form)

Charges of possession (less than the threshold amount) will likely result in a less serious penalty upon conviction (possibly probation and a drug class requirement for a first-time offender). However, when a person is found to be in possession with any of the drugs listed above the threshold limit amount, they could face serious penalties, including a mandatory prison term of 3 years to 12.5 years for a first offense. Any subsequent drug offense could result in a prison sentence of more than two decades.

Why Do You Need An Attorney For This Case?

Drug charges are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors in Arizona. Regardless of whether you have been charged with possession of drugs or with selling drugs, you need to secure a skilled Chandler criminal defense lawyer immediately. Your attorney is your lifeline, and they will work to build a solid defense on your behalf. For these cases, some of the possible defenses could include:

  • That you did not possess the “threshold amount”
  • The drugs were for personal use only
  • That you had no intention of selling drugs
  • You were unaware that there were drugs in your possession
  • The drugs were not yours
  • The drugs were for medicinal or religious purposes

What You Can Do Now

If you or somebody you care about is facing serious drug charges in Arizona, seek assistance from a skilled criminal defense attorney today. At AZ Defenders, we pledge to get to the bottom of this case. Our goal is to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf, which could include a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. Let our Chandler drug possession attorneys get to work on your behalf today. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling (480) 456-6400.