Chandler Gun Crimes Lawyer

Gun crimes are not taken lightly in Arizona. Lawmakers in Arizona penalize gun crimes heavily to discourage others from committing the same crimes. If you are facing a gun crime charge, do not hesitate to contact a Chandler gun crimes lawyer at AZ Defenders. Our attorneys served Arizona with experienced legal advocacy for many years. We can give you the information and defense strategies you need to protect yourself against firearm crime charges.

Chandler Gun Crimes Attorney

How Can AZ Defenders Help With a Gun Charge Case?

  • We are aggressive when we need to be but also know when to dial it down. We don’t burn bridges – we finesse positive outcomes by reading the prosecutor and responding accordingly.
  • Our Chandler gun crimes attorneys have years of experience defending clients from these charges. We have an excellent reputation within Arizona’s legal community.
  • We have a team of multiple defense attorneys who can put their heads together on gun crime cases to come up with the strongest possible legal strategies.

What Are Chandler’s Gun Laws?

Although Arizona has laws regulating and restricting the use of firearms, these laws are some of the most relaxed in the country. In Arizona, anyone 21 years or older may carry a firearm openly or concealed without obtaining a license. Unlike most other states, you do not need a concealed carry permit to conceal a weapon on your person in Arizona, as long as you are not a prohibited possessor. If you have further questions about the gun laws in Arizona, speak with a Chandler criminal defense lawyer experienced in gun crimes.

What Types of Gun Crime Charges Exist in Arizona?

Several Arizona statutes define different gun crimes. Almost all of these crimes are charged as felonies, meaning a conviction could follow you for life. A felony conviction will strip you of your freedom and rights, such as the right to bear arms. A felony on your record could also interfere with your ability to find a job. The following are gun crimes you could be charged with in Arizona:

  • Misconduct involving weapons: Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) §13-3102. Bringing a deadly weapon on a means of transportation, on school grounds, in polling places or other prohibited locations; also, manufacturing or selling an illegal firearm.
  • Disorderly conduct with a weapon: ARS §13-2904. Shooting a gun or recklessly handling a deadly weapon with the intent to disturb the peace.
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm: ARS §13-3107. Shooting a gun in a prohibited place or circumstance, such as discharging a firearm within city limits.
  • Aggravated assault: ARS §13-1204. Causing bodily injury to someone using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

It is extremely important to hire a skilled Chandler gun crimes lawyer if you are facing any type of gun crime charge in Arizona. These are serious offenses that could change your life. Hiring the right defense attorney can deliver an aggressive defense strategy and put your mind at ease during this difficult time.

Legal Defense Options for Gun Crimes

You are not out of options as a person being charged with a gun crime in Chandler, AZ. You have the right to hire a gun crimes attorney to defend you during pretrial negotiations or a criminal trial in Maricopa County. A defense lawyer can help you avoid the most serious penalties for a gun crime conviction using a tailored defense strategy:

  • Lawful possession or use of the firearm
  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others or of property
  • Wrong defendant or actual innocence
  • Insufficient evidence

Our Chandler gun crimes attorneys at AZ Defenders will review the unique facts of your case, as well as your criminal history, to craft the most effective defense strategy for you. Then, we will negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf or represent you during a gun crime trial in Chandler. You can trust our defense lawyers to take the actions in your best interests as our client.

Consult With a Chandler Gun Crimes Attorney

Gun crimes are serious offenses in Arizona that can come with major criminal consequences. Protect yourself by contacting our Chandler gun crimes defense lawyers immediately if you are facing gun crime charges. Call our law office at (480) 456-6400 now or contact us online 24/7 to request a free consultation.