Criminal Cases in Arizona – Warrants and OSC Hearings

Warrants In Criminal Cases

The police often have to request for certain types of warrants to continue their investigation of those suspected of criminal activities. There are three main types of warrants when it comes to criminal cases in Arizona: arrest warrants, bench warrants and search warrants.

What Are Arrest Warrants?

These are issued when a judge is presented with a sworn statement from the police that there is a reasonable belief that an individual has committed a crime. In criminal cases, judges from any court have the power to issue a warrant. In some cases, courts from other states or federal agencies may even have the power to issue an arrest warrant. However, the arrest warrant can only be quashed or cancelled by a judicial officer from the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued. The warrant would also stay in effect until the individual in question appears before the Court or he/she is arrested.

What Are Bench Warrants?

These warrants can be issued by a judge, commissioner, justice of the peace, or a magistrate. Once a bench warrant is issued from the Court, officers can physically arrest the individual. These warrants are typically issued when an individual fails to appear for a scheduled court mandated appearance. These warrants may also lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant. In cases where you have a bench warrant, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney to seek out your options. Call the experienced Phoenix criminal law attorneys at the AZ Defenders to get a free consultation.

What Are Search Warrants?

Upon the police presenting sufficient probable cause, the officer(s) can obtain a search warrant from a judge to search an individual’s person, property and other personal effects. If officers then find evidence of criminal activities after executing the search warrant and doing their search, it may lead to an arrest in the absence of an arrest warrant.

OSC Hearings for Criminal Cases

According to the Arizona Revised Statutes Rule 25, Order to Show Cause “OSC” hearing is a court hearing that addresses a defendant’s failure to complete duties or obligations required by court order or sentence, court rule, or statute. For the hearing, the Court must set a specific date, time, and place per Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 7.3.

For a variety of reasons, some of our clients in the past have not been able to fulfill all court mandated obligations by their court ordered completion date and have been served with notices of OSC hearings. Missing an OSC hearing can have unwanted consequences, such as the issuance of bench warrants. In such cases, it is in your best interest to retain and remain in close contact with experienced counsels to figure out the best steps to take. Expert criminal defense counsels like ours fiercely fight for your warrants to be quashed or cancelled and continue to advocate for your best interest.

The attorneys at AZ Defenders are highly skilled and experienced with over 100 years of combined years of experience in the criminal defense field. We have helped hundreds of clients whose suspected criminal cases are set for OSC Hearings or have warrants. If you ever find yourself in either situation, please contact our at (480) 456-6400.

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