Class 6 Felony Crimes in Arizona

In Arizona, felonies are classified into six categories, with a class 6 felony being the least severe.

What is a Class 6 Felony in Arizona?

A class 6 felony is a category of a crime in Arizona. Some examples of class 6 felony offenses include:

  • Criminal impersonation,
  • Theft (if the value of stolen items is between $2000 and $3000),
  • Aggravated assault after breaking and entering,
  • Some types of Aggravated DUI,
  • Unlawful discharge of firearms,
  • Some types of Aggravated domestic violence,
  • Unlawful imprisonment,
  • Sexual conduct with a minor over the age of 15.

A complete list of class 6 felonies can be found here.

Punishments for Class 6 Felonies:

A conviction of a class 6 felony can result in fines, probation, or a prison sentence typically ranging from 4 months to 5.75 years. However, the penalties can increase if:

  • The crime was a dangerous one,
  • The conviction was for a dangerous crime against a child,
  • The conviction was for a series of repetitive offenses,
  • There were aggravating factors, or
  • The defendant has a criminal history.

The penalties can also decrease if there are mitigating factors.

Can a Class 6 Felony Get Reduced to a Misdemeanor?

Yes. There are two types of offenses – designated and undesignated. A prosecutor may extend an offer for an undesignated, or “open,” class 6 felony in return for completion of probation or jail time. Upon completion, the undesignated class 6 felony may become a designated class 1 misdemeanor. This offers the opportunity to have a less severe charge on your record.

Effective July 1, 2022, an undesignated class 6 felony offense will be treated as a misdemeanor until the court actually enters an order designating the offense a misdemeanor or a felony* for all purposes except:

  • Placing the defendant on felony probation.
  • For the purposes of DNA collection pursuant to 13-610.
  • Determining the defendant’s right to possess a firearm pursuant to chapter 31 of title 13.
  • Being used as a historical prior felony conviction.
  • Being admissible for impeachment purposes in a subsequent trial.
  • Being used to enhance the sentence pursuant to chapter 7 of title 13.

*This does not apply to any person who has a prior conviction of a class 6 felony or has previously been convicted of two or more felonies.

Contact a Defense Lawyer in Arizona for Help with a Class 6 Felony

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