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Category: Criminal Defense

Expungement of Certain Marijuana Convictions

June 15, 2021 | Arizona Revised Statutes,Criminal Defense,News

In 2020, Voters passed Proposition 207 – a sweeping marijuana reform that provides better protections for individuals who use marijuana. Prop 207 also legalized adult-use recreational marijuana. Perhaps most importantly, Prop 207 created a method of expungement for certain marijuana convictions. Difference Between Expungement vs. Set Aside in Arizona Prop 207 and A.R.S. § 36-2862… read more

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Misdemeanor Compromises in Arizona

June 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Many people are aware of the differences between civil and criminal law. If you enter into a contract with someone and they don’t hold up their end of the bargain, you can’t call the police and have them arrested. You must sue them, civilly, for the damages you’ve sustained. Yet, as our legal system grows… read more

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What to Do If You Are Investigated by Law Enforcement

June 4, 2021 | Criminal Defense

So, you’ve been contacted by police – perhaps they asked you down to the police station, or maybe they just called you on the phone. Whether you have any idea why they’re contacting you or not, it is essential to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. In this post, we’ll discuss the investigation… read more

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Is Intoxication a Defense to Criminal Charges?

May 26, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People often make mistakes or do things they otherwise wouldn’t do when impaired by drugs or alcohol. Intoxication could make someone more likely to start a fight at a bar, for example, and physically assault someone. Voluntary intoxication is generally not a usable defense in a criminal case. Involuntary intoxication, however, could be used as… read more

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Is Amnesia a Defense to Criminal Charges?

May 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense

To be convicted of a crime, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had the mental state to commit the crime. In most cases, proof of intent or recklessness is required to achieve a guilty verdict. Accidentally injuring someone, for example, does not constitute the crime of physical assault in Arizona. It may be possible… read more

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