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Month: June 2020

Some Cities Impose Criminal Charges for Not Wearing a Mask

June 19, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Recently, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey granted local governments the power to implement their own regulations regarding wearing face coverings. While some municipalities have chosen not to enact measures to require face coverings, many have done so or are expected to in the very near future. Most of the cities that have enacted regulations require every… read more

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Arizona Emergency Declaration Curfew – What Does This Mean?

June 2, 2020 | News

For obvious reasons, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency on May 31, 2020 which includes a statewide curfew. Whether you agree or disagree with this action by the Governor, it is now law, so it is important to know the facts. Here are some things that you should know. The curfew is… read more

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